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Three main points for choosing automatic punch feeder




Nowadays, with the development of the economy, people's consumption level is getting higher and higher, and the quality requirements of products are increasing, especially in the automobile and 3C industries. Because people's needs are increasing, related companies have to improve product quality while It is imperative to expand the production scale, which leads to the development of automatic punch feeders.

The automatic punch feeder is specially used for conveying materials such as sheet material, metal coil material, powder material, etc. These products are widely used! In today's society, more and more industries have begun to use mechanized conveying. The punch automatic feeder not only has high accuracy, but also is more environmentally friendly and saves time. The use of automatic punch feeder to realize fully automatic stamping processing not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves production safety, improves stamping production efficiency and improves product quality, etc. It can also minimize raw material consumption, save auxiliary processing time and reduce stamping production costs. It can achieve the effect of low cost and high return in the true sense.

So what details do you need to pay attention to when buying a punch automatic feeder?

(1) Dimensions

If you want to buy a punch automatic feeder, you first need to understand what you need to process. The main specifications and dimensions of the selected punch automatic feeder should be the same as the size of the workpiece to be processed. Even if the workpiece is small, the size of the automatic punch feeder purchased should be small, and the large workpiece should use a large-sized automatic feeder. The rational use of equipment is the only way to improve production efficiency.

(2) Accuracy

Accuracy is a very important criterion. When choosing an automatic punch feeder, the working accuracy of the machine should be compatible with the machining accuracy required by the process. The feeder is selected according to the machining accuracy. For example, a high-precision machine should be selected for a high-precision machining process, and a low-precision machine should be selected for a low-precision machining process.

(3) Type

There are many types of punch automatic feeders. When choosing a machine, you should consider the type, form, and weight of the workpiece to be processed, and choose the most suitable one.

According to the above information, I believe that everyone should have some understanding of the automatic punch feeder. This common peripheral automation machine is very popular among users because of its simplicity and low price. But many people are not particularly clear about the classification of automatic punch feeders. Next time we will share with you the knowledge about the classification of punch feeders.

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