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Selection details and installation method of automatic punch feeder




In today's manufacturing industry, its manufacturing technology is changing with each passing day, especially for products such as automobiles and mobile phones. These products have higher and higher technical requirements for metal stamping. High efficiency and high precision will be the new standard of metal stamping technology. To achieve such a standard, it is essential to use equipment such as a punch automatic feeder.

The punch press can be matched with different feeders, mainly relying on the feeder’s fast speed, labor saving, safety and efficiency. Most of the current punches feed automatically. According to the progress and speed, they can be divided into air feeders, roller feeders, and NC servo feeding. machine etc. So without considering the size of the machine and the specifications of the material, how to choose the automatic punch feeder.

(1) Feeding accuracy: the accuracy of the roller feeder is greater than that of the air feeder and the servo feeder;

(2) In terms of speed: the air feeder is 300 times, and the high-speed roller feeder is about 500 times. The above data will be related to the length of the material and the distance. The shorter the feeding, the faster the speed.

The punch automatic feeder is a relatively high-end, high-precision and easy-to-operate machine. How will this machine be installed after it is purchased by the manufacturer?

Installation steps of automatic punch feeder

(1) On the other side of the punch table, drill four holes according to the set position and size, and then fix the mounting plate on it.

(2) Hang the main body with a sling, then align the gap between the slide plate and the mounting plate, fasten it to the main body with two matching screws, and fix it to the mounting plate at the same time.

(3) When the horizontal position of the feeding height is inconsistent with the die pressure, the slide plate of the automatic punch feeder will have an adjustment amount of about 100 mm for adjustment. At this time, you can loosen the two bolts on the slide plate, adjust the bolts fixed on the plate, and change the horizontal position of the feeder. After adjusting the position, tighten the screws.

(4) Fix the mold, make sure that the mold is perpendicular to the direction of the roller, and is installed in the relaxed position on the punch slide.

(5) Dark yellow electric control box and proximity switch at the appropriate part of the punch, and check whether the detector can work normally.

The above is the selection details and installation details of the automatic punch feeder, I hope to help you.

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