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Which assembly line is better, what is an assembly line, and what are the advantages




The assembly line is the double-speed chain assembly line, and the conventional automatic assembly line is the triple-speed assembly line. Advantage: When the previous station completes its assembly task, it automatically flows to the next station. It can save the time for manual transportation of products back and forth, so as to achieve the purpose of saving manpower and improve work efficiency. It can also cooperate with some positioning devices to replace the manual labor. The operating principle of the automatic assembly line: the motor drives the chain, the tooling plate moves on the line, and the total electronic control is controlled by PLC. Triple-speed assembly line, aging line, multi-layer aging line, ring aging line, LED lamp aging line, panel light aging line, street light aging line, flood light aging line. The triple-speed line can be combined with the robot to complete the combination of special stations, and can be positioned at a fixed point. The triple-speed chain runs stably, has strong flexibility, and has a wide range of applications. Its flexible operability is deeply loved by factories. Assembly Line, Shenzhen Assembly Line, LED Assembly Line, Small Electrical Appliance Assembly Line, Household Appliance Assembly Line, Main Material: Aluminum Profile, Tiefangtong Main Structure: Frame Structure, Pendant Light Stand Structure, Conjoined Light Stand Structure. Assembly line, electrical assembly line, LED lighting assembly line, street lamp assembly line, fluorescent lamp assembly line, bulb assembly line, aging line, Shenzhen assembly line, Shenzhen assembly line, Shenzhen conveyor line, Shenzhen assembly line, Shenzhen production line. Controlled by inverter. Control mode: PLC control, can be equipped with man-machine dialogue operation interface.

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